Dr. Gildea Psychotherapy

Compassionate and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for couples and individuals 

Dr. Gildea is currently providing in person and online therapy. 

Dr. Celedra Gildea


There are moments in our lives when something inside calls to us for change. Sometimes it is because the pain is unbearable and sometimes it is because, although life is good, we know it can be better – more alive, fulfilling, and joyful. 

Dr. Gildea's mission is to share the benefits of compassion and mindfulness;

to help alleviate suffering and to inspire the cultivation of joy.

Together we will explore the issues you (or you and your partner) would like to work with, what brings you into therapy at this particular time, and what you would like as the outcome of our time together.  

My work combines traditional talk therapy (Psychodynamic theory) through the lens of Mindfulness; Attachment theory and Family Systems. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body-oriented, somatic methodology has deeply informed my work. Through this lens, we uncover developmental (relational) trauma as well as single incident trauma. Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice help create a foundation of open awareness.  Please see the resources page for meditations on compassion and loving-kindness. 


Due to its gentle but powerful approach, sensorimotor psychotherapy is often an effective form of treatment for adults who have survived childhood trauma. 
The effectiveness of the approach is supported by neuroscience
research. The approach may be beneficial to those who have experienced PTSD, substance dependency, various forms of abuse, depression, anxiety, anger and other emotional issues, relationship issues, or development issues.

Individual Therapy

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Mindful Self-Compassion Group

Calm Sea

"Compassion and love are not a luxury. As the source both of inner and external peace, they are fundamental to the survival of our species."

~ Dalai Lama

Regarding COVID-19 and e-therapy

I care about your health and well-being--especially during these unprecedented times. I offer video counseling to all clients during daytime, evening, and weekend hours.