Some Ways Your Body Lets You Know That You're Anxious

Psychotherapy Tips: Somatic Expressions to be Aware of During COVID-19

Anxiety will not disappear because you practice mindfulness and meditation, but it will lessen, and you will gain a sense of calm that is hard to achieve without these techniques. Mindfulness and regular meditation can provide stability when anxiety threatens to take over. Please check out YouTube for meditations also check out our Resources Page for books about healing from trauma.

Dr. Gildea is offering Online Therapy, and she is here and ready to help you work through these challenging times. 

Somatic and Mental Indicators

*muscle tension

*clinching in the belly

*tightness in chest
*heart pounding

*shoulders up to the ears

*holding the breath

*shallow breathing

*feeling frozen or like

a deer in headlights

*racing heart
*dry mouth
*restless legs

*tingling arms, hands,

legs and/or feet

*light headedness


*shortness of breath

*chest pain

*heart palpitations

*black and white thinking

*being judgemental

*being unusually critical

*difficulty thinking clearly

*rapid thoughts

*rapid speech
*negative assumptions

*excessive worry
*feeling of dread and fear


*distortions in thought


*Place one hand on your chest; 

the other on your belly and take ten deep breaths
*Take a bubble bath
*Snuggle up under a weighted blanket

*Give yourself a hug

*Practice progressive muscle relaxation

*Get some good hard exercise
*Do a yoga or breathing practice

*Recognize if you are ruminating

*Listen to a meditation tape

*Ask a friend for a hug

*Calming Anxiety with Mindfulness and Meditation

*Start a gratitude journal