Personalized Care and Guidance

My hours are 12:00pm-7:00pm, Tuesday through Friday

Two Dried Leaves

Individual Therapy

In Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, the bodily sensorimotor processes (sensations, reactions, movements) are the focus of therapeutic interventions. Through this process, automatic somatic narratives that are embedded in procedural memory (unconscious learned actions and beliefs) are interrupted. These patterns may be stuck in the past as a result of trauma or attachment inadequacies. SP utilizes interventions at both the verbal and somatic level, addressing gestures, eye contact, proximity-seeking movements, posture and beliefs. As the debilitating effects of trauma are released from the body, new resources of strength promote the capacity to change at the cognitive, affective and somatic levels.

Foggy Pier

Couples Therapy

When two people enter into relationship they bring with them their entire history of relationship, most importantly their relationships with their primary caretakers. We unconsciously learn as children to mold ourselves in response to the requirements of our environment so that we feel loved and safe. This procedural learning is held in our nervous systems, posture, facial expressions and movement habits, as are unresolved painful emotions and limiting beliefs. In adult relationship then, there are two conversations going on; one is a verbal conversation and the other is the non-verbal somatic communication - the one running the show. As you both become aware of these unconscious non-verbal communications and beliefs that are remnants of the past, you begin to see yourselves and each other through a lens of authentic and conscious communication.